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Soultancy is your authorized visa service provider for Afghanistan in the UAE. We handle the whole process from start to end, making sure that your visa application is submitted with all the required documents, the application is timely processed and the visa is issued. Our clients can rely on our expert guidance throughout the entire process as we will provide them with up-to-date information regarding the Afghan Embassy and Consulate’s terms and conditions for visa applications.

Make use of our visa services and enjoy the convenience of a stress and hassle free travel. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Preparing all necessary documents for visa processing
  2. Pick up and drop off of applicants anywhere in Dubai
  3. Document collection and delivery anywhere in Dubai

Our services ensure a hassle free and convenient visa processing at the Afghan Consulate on the same day.

How to apply for an Afghan Visa

Anyone traveling to Afghanistan needs to obtain a valid visa from an Afghan diplomatic mission outside of Afghanistan before travel. This procedure can however be quite challenging because there is limited information available online regarding the process. We can assist with this and specialize in processing work related visas for individuals traveling to Afghanistan. In the following, we will try to give a detailed overview of the whole process from start to end.

The process of obtaining an Afghan visa

There are basically two types of visas for people traveling to Afghanistan for work and the process can be divided into two-steps, where the first step (Invitation Letter) is handled in Kabul and the second step (Visa Processing) is handled in Dubai.

Step 1: An Invitation Letter is applied through the Central Business Registry and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Kabul. Upon approval, MOFA sends the Invitation Letter to the Afghan Consulate in Dubai where the visa is processed.

The requirements needed to apply for an Invitation Letter in Kabul are as follows:

BSA visa agreements – 12 Month multiple entry visas for Military prime or sub-contractors for U.S. DOD or NATO.

  1. One request letter per batch on contractor letterhead listing your employee names, passport numbers, nationalities and your authorized agent
  2. Color copy of CBR business license
  3. Color copy of passports of all employees
  4. Letter of Authorization (LOA) for each applicant – either from DOD SPOT or NATO NSPA/NCI
  5. One NATO Contractor Certificate from Resolute Support HQ

Non-military contractors – 30 days single entry visa

The requirements are similar to the above, except instead of a NATO Contractor Certificate, employee LOA and company photo ID, these documents are required:

  1. Applicant’s educational certificate (i.e., university diploma)
  2. Applicant’s CV or resume
  3. Applicant’s employee contract

Note: Once the applicant is in Afghanistan, a 1-year work permit is obtained, followed by a 6-month work visa, which is renewable for another 6 months.

Step 2: The individual applying for the visa needs to visit the Afghan consulate in person to process the visa, once the Invitation Letter is issued.

The requirements needed to process the visa at the Afghan consulate in Dubai are as follows:

BSA visa agreements – 12 Month multiple entry visas for Military prime or sub-contractors for U.S. DOD or NATO.

Non-military contractors – 30 days single entry visa

In addition to the above (excluding LOA), applicants require the below:

For further information and in order to start the process of obtaining your Afghan visa, please contact us at or call us at +971-54-493-3313.

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